Friday, March 28, 2008

An update from Randall Hull

We had a presention at the local realtors broker meeting from Randall Hull of the Los Altos Planning Commission. He had a chance to outline some of the recent changes in the downtown building codes (previously discussed here) as well as the new building going up at the corner of Main Street and San Antonio.

This new 2-story building is envisioned to have retail (preferably a "hot spot" where people can "see and be seen") on the ground floor and office space upstairs. The commission hopes that the developer will break ground this spring.

Randall also pointed out that the city council will vote to remove a restriction on the lot at First and Main (along Foothill) that could only be used as a hotel. Once that restriction is removed, the property could be any of several "mixed use" options.

The post office downtown does not currently have a "home" to relocate to once they begin reconstruction. Options are still be explored but at this point it may be down to operating out of trailers. I'll keep you posted on that.

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