Monday, November 16, 2009

Downtown Los Altos improvement plans - the town will change

For those of you either looking at moving to Los Altos or living here now, the town has always had an issue with being too "Mayberry". It's a nice, small village but way to quiet and lacking the lively feel of Mountain View, Los Gatos or Burlingame. The town has been making efforts to increase business, reduce vacancies, and liven up the main business areas.

As part of that effort, the town is moving ahead with plans to redo critical intersections and streets to widen sidewalks. The objective is to make downtown Los Altos more "walkable".

The plans are here.

There are other discussions happening as well including converting some of the city owned parking into mixed use (retail/residential) over underground parking garages. GreenTown Los Altos has been spearheading an effort to leverage that concept one step further and make Main Street a "no car zone" with 3-4 story buildings, higher density housing and retail, as well as wider sidewalks with outdoor dining.

A story was run in September in the Los Altos Town Crier. You can read it here.

As the economy improves, we'll start to see some of these plans come to pass which will make Los Altos an even more desirable city than it already is.

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