Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sawbuck comes to town

Sawbuck is a new search tool for finding properties available in the area. They also have a mobile capability. It was just launched in the Bay Area after performing in other large metro areas. Here's an article on the launch:

While I'm always interested in the latest tools for finding new homes, I don't see the advantage of this one nor do I think their mobile tools have much value. Certainly there are numerous iPhone, Blackberry, and Treo owners out there who will argue the convenience associated with home shopping from their phones. The people I see using mobile tools usually want two things: a map or open house information.

In my opinion, either of those needs are served by established companies. Trulia mobile already offers information on homes including open houses. If I want mapping, I'll go with Google Maps. So, I'm not seeing the value of Sawbuck. Does anyone else care to weigh in?

As for searches in general, either or Trulia are far superior in my opinion. In addition to searches they offer expertise and informative articles not offered by Sawbuck. We'll see how they do but I expect they'll go the way of so many other tools in the last few years - obscurity or offline.

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