Sunday, April 18, 2010

A coat of paint doesn't mean "recently remodeled"!

I've been looking at single-family rental homes in areas of Saratoga, West San Jose, and Cupertino lately. In that search, a curious term gets used - remodeled.

For most people, the word "remodeled" implies that a home has had new flooring, new dual-pane windows, or a new kitchen or bathroom installed. The expectation is that some part of the home will look "new" or at least be in very good condition. However, several of the owners of these homes seem to have missed that point.

I've seen several homes that were posted on Craigslist described as "remodeled" or "updated" where nothing more was done than a coat of paint. Even worse, the paint was not done throughout the home or was done badly. Note to the "do it yourself landlords" - streaks, drips, and clumps mean you're doing something wrong! The few homes with real remodeled kitchens or floors looked like the work was done by blind, epileptic monkeys. Gaps, cracks, peeling on the cabinets and bumps in the floors. Is quality a lost art?

Can we get a little truth in advertising here? Painting is not remodeling. If the home was built in 1954 and looks like it was built in 1954 with dingy, nearly original cabinets, tile, and flooring, please don't try to scam me with exterior photos doctored in Photoshop and a complete lack of clear interior shots! As a Realtor who is required to accurately reflect the condition of a property, I find it offensive that after looking at dozens of listings all but two have come up severely short on their descriptions.

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