Monday, June 28, 2010

ADA compliance for private home rentals will kill the market

Hot off the presses from my meetings at C.A.R. in Sacramento just recently is the story of the The Big Bear Association and their fight against ADA compliance for private home rentals. A little insight into the issue and background are here:

To me, this is purely about the rights of private property owners. As a homeowner, particularly someone who has a second property in a vacation area, you should have the right to rent it out to the general population without having to make special concessions to a small group of people.

If this suit passes, does it mean that all vacation rentals need to provide ADA-compliant access? If so, how many millions of dollars will be spent to ensure compliance. How many people with ADA needs will actually want access to these homes?

I think this suit is based on the needs of "the few" trying to assert their position over the rights of "the many". In my opinion, ADA-compliance should be limited to public areas and businesses only. I can see setting up ramps in hotels and resorts but private property should be exempt.

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