Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Los Altos! Can you hear me now?

Our poor town is having such a hard time actually embracing the 21st century. Once again, we've got neighbors complaining about someone who wants to install a new Verizon transmission tower in the San Antonio Hills neighborhood. This new 55 foot tower would be placed along with 3 others in a residential neighborhood.

I'm sorry, but are all these neighbors using AT&T service? Have they tried to make a call in Los Altos on Verizon? Verizon does not have a strong presence in Los Altos and they need the signal boost. It's ridiculous that I get 1 bar in a town filled with engineers and high-tech executives. We should have 5 bars!

I understand the issue of blight and not wanting commercial technology sitting in the middle of multi-million dollar homes. HOWEVER, there are ways to hide those towers. In my opinion, this town has been suffering with poor cell service for a long time and this is a viable solution. Hide the tower and pick something else to argue about.

There's a concern that having the tower there will impact property values. I don't see how. The area has been selling well with the three towers already there. Having another one is unlikely to make an impact.

BTW - For those of you, even locals, who don't know where San Antonio Hills is, I'll blog about the area soon.

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