Saturday, November 6, 2010

Los Altos Pre-School Needs Help

Los Altos schools rank among the best in the state, especially the elementary schools.  Our top elementary schools even score above Palo Alto schools which most home buyers seem not to know.  So, where do we get all these fine students from?  Pre-schools!  Almost every incoming child has had at least a year of pre-school before they get into kindergarten.  My son had 3 years of pre-school so he was very well prepared going in.  So, I was shocked to learn that one of the oldest pre-schools in Los Altos is at risk of disappearing.

The Los Altos Parent Preschool lost its lease and is now looking for a new home.  They've been serving the community since 1954 and currently support almost 60 families.  As a co-op, parent participation is required and part of how it does so well.  They are currently looking for new space that is available at below market rates so that tuitions can be kept low.  If tuititions aren't kept low, the pre-school may not survive.  Take a look at this story in the San Jose Mercury News for more perspective.

I encourage any reader who knows of space in the area to contact the school so this part of the Los Altos educational legacy isn't lost.  I'll be on the look out as well.

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