Monday, November 15, 2010

Los Altos Spotlight: Adventure Toys


Open: Mon-Sun
Prices: $-$$$
Adventure Toys

BRYAN'S OPINION:  This place is full of toys that are more interesting that the typically stuff you see at Toys r Us. I've been here so many times with my son that it's like a destination spot.  We used to have a routine that after karate we'd stop off here to look at toys before walking down the street to Spot Pizza.  This place isn't about quantity, it's about quality - a theme in Los Altos.
When you walk in, head right, and look at the section between the girls toys in front and the Legos and building toys in back.  That middle section is a goldmine of scientific learning toys and family games you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else.  You want to build a rocket?  There is a kit to build one.  In the same section is a wide range of puzzles with enough challenge for kids 2-80.  You want a 5000 piece super-puzzle, they've got it.
Opposite that section is their game area.  There are lots of individual and family games including old classics.  What is most interesting is there are games there I haven't seen anywhere else including similar specialty toy stores in other areas of the state.  Many are award winning and some are just plain creative.
The rest of the store offers just a much variety.  There are the usual Legos and dolls plus crafting kits and dress-up clothes to let a kids imagination go wild.  Along with their usual creative selection, you'll find special displays for certain holidays and nice extras especially during Christmas.

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