Thursday, November 25, 2010

Los Altos Spotlight: Assistance League of Los Altos Costume Bank

Open: Wed-Sat
Prices: $-$$

BRYAN'S OPINION: Are you attending or hosting a costume party? Then this is the place to be! The Costume Bank has been around for decades and offers, in my opinion, some of the best costumes in the area. Located on the corner of State Street and Third Street in downtown Los Altos, this is one of the oldest continually running businesses in Los Altos.

The costume selections include everything from vintage flappers and soldiers to cartoon characters. Many off the costumes are hand-made from high-quality materials by volunteers from the Assistance League. These are the same people who staff the store and help with selecting a costume to suit your particular party or event. Obviously, many of the great parties in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills are attended by residents who stop by the Costume Bank to get their costume.

The customer service here is much better than other costume stores in the area. They'll really take the time to work with you on finding a costume, adding accents, and sizing. While most costumes are designed to fit average folks, they do have tricks to make them fit if the costume is a little too big or small.

The profits all go to charity so no matter what you do, the price is for a good cause. A word on price, the prices here are as good or better than many other local shops and with fewer crowds. So, stop by for your next costume party!

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