Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Los Altos Spotlight: Burger Town

Burger Town in Los Altos
Prices: $
Hours:  10-7 (Closed Sunday)
Credit/Debit: Yes

Yelp Review

BRYAN'S OPINION:  This place is a classic example of the "greasy spoon" burger joints of the old days but with better quality.  It's totally unassuming, operating in what was a Dairy Queen and sandwiched between a vacant lot and a vacant building.  The clientele ranges from construction workers to locals with something for everyone on the menu.

Burger Town is the best "bang for the buck" burger joint of any place in Los Altos.  While I love the burgers at First and Main, The Grill, and Maltby's, they are all much more expensive.  For $6 I get a quarter pounder and fries hot and fresh.  The flavors and quality are excellent.  This place is not about ambiance but about hearty food.  Onion rings, shakes, and more are all made to order fast.

Similar to In and Out Burger, you can opt to get more patties for a small extra fee.  They have a 3/4 pound burger on the menu but if you want more you can get it.  Grilled onions, no problem.  Extra cheese, coming right up.  It's truly a burger joint for those who are all about the burger.  Lots of options that all taste great.

If you read the reviews on various sites, you'll get mixed feedback.  Trust me, it's worth a visit.  I eat there more than I should and I've always walked away satisfied.

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