Monday, November 15, 2010

Los Altos Spotlight: First and Main Sport Lounge

Open: Mon-Sun
Prices: $$
First and Main Sports Lounge

BRYAN'S OPINION: The only real sports bar in Los Altos is First and Main Sports Lounge. It's a great place for everything from group meetings to gathering with friends. There are screens everywhere. It is impossible to NOT see a game and they have all the major sports on. There's memorabilia everywhere and many sports folks have signed the wall above the bar. This place exudes a cool sports vibe from every corner.

The food is, for me, the best part of First and Main Sports Lounge. They have arguably the best burger in Los Altos and their variety is excellent. The salads are always like getting a hand-picked from the garden fresh. The quantity is more than enough to satisfy a big appetite. I'm always impressed with the service which is always delivered with a smile. The best part is that the owner (one of them) is frequently onsite so there's a lot of consistency in both quality of food and service.

This is one of my favorite places to visit in Los Altos and I highly recommend stopping in to visit with friends and watch a game.

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