Monday, November 8, 2010

Rosita Park in Los Altos - Major Upgrade Coming

This park, located at the end of Rosita Avenue in Los Altos, has been a spot for tennis, BBQ, kids playing, and more for decades.  I remember going to this park when the pool at Covington School was still available to swim in.  Nearby the park was a Catholic School with a large field for baseball and general play.

Now the park will be completely updated with a cleaned up baseball diamond, three new tennis courts (instead of the current 2), a childrens play area, new trees and shrubbery, and more.  It's the most money the city has ever spent on a park which bodes well for this gem literally at the heart of Los Altos.

I think this park, along with many others in Los Altos, it part of what makes this town so special.  We have a very active community who likes to be outside for sports and recreation.  Keeping our parks in great condition and continually improving them goes to the core values of Los Altos.

Stop by the Los Altos Town Crier for more details and a small picture of the new park.

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