Sunday, December 19, 2010

Los Altos had a 3.1 earthquake on December 19, 2010

The SJ Mercury News reported this morning that good old Los Altos had a 3.1 earthquake this morning.  While not major, it's very rare that a quake is ever centered in Los Altos or even Los Altos Hills, even with all the fault lines nearby.

The quake was 2.1 miles deep and there were no reports of damage.
The article is posted here if you'd like to read more. 

I've felt many quakes in Los Altos and was around for the major quakes in recent memory.  None ever felt significant and the town always seems to get little or any impact from them.  I'm not sure if the town is just lucky or is well placed but it seems that earthquakes have little impact on Los Altos.

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