Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Los Altos Spotlight: De Martini Orchard

DeMartini Orchard of Los Altos
Prices: $-$$
Hours:  8-7 OPEN DAILY
Credit/Debit: Yes

There are two great grocery stores in town offering produce, but neither offers the quality and pricing that De Martini offers.  Having been at their current location for years, it's become a bit of an institution for those wanting fresh, high-quality produce at very reasonable prices.  They're also one of the few places you can still get locally dried apricots which used be to one of the major crops in Los Altos.

The stock rotates on a regular basis offering staples and seasonable produce alike.  One huge plus is that they offer local produce all year round from a variety of producers.  By local, I mean, within a 30 mile radius or closer.  I like this because it means we're supporting our community as well as getting "a taste of the area" instead of getting bulk poduced goods from some distant land.  There's something about farm fresh fruits and veggies that make a meal special.  Even if the local goods aren't always from Los Altos, they're still representative of our area.

During the holidays you can get fruit baskets with a wide array of fruits, nuts, and gourmet foods in a range of sizes.  While they may not be like Harry & David, I think you get a better product from De Martini because it's all fresh.  Giving such a gift will mean more than the usual store bought stuff.

In addition to all the produce, there are several gourmet products, spices, and such that can help make your meals that much better.  Again, prices are very reasonable and far better than the grocers in town.  This is one of the unique services available in Los Altos and I recommend stopping by.

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