Saturday, January 15, 2011

Los Altos Loses Another Restaurant

Los Altos has lost another fine restaurant from it's line of greats - Zitune.  They shut the doors on Monday after determining that the patron traffic wasn't enough to stay in business.  The final dinner on Sunday night was bittersweet because many patrons showed up for one final meal at the 4-year old restaurant.  There was a nice story in the Los Altos Town Crier about all the reasons for ending the business.

I've eaten at Zitune many times and found the food to be creative and first-class quality.  The service was good and the staff welcoming.  The last time I was there in late November with a group, we had a mix of menu and special items that impressed everyone.  One thing that surprised me was that the restaurant was, in fact, relatively quiet for prime lunch time.

The busiest restaurants always seem to have a steady stream of people every day.  Some notable popular spots include Le Boulanger, Aldo, Spot Pizza, and Main Street Cafe.  While we need more good restaurants, one of the issues with getting critical mass is a lack of offices downtown with people wanting lunch.  There are plans for more offices on the table and construction has already started on the new Packard Foundation building on 2nd Street.  As more offices are built, we should have more foot traffic and hopefully that will translate into fewer good restaurants closing.

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